Music Festival RenChi at Shenzhen Bay Park


Completed in 2011, this 9 kilometers long coastal Long Park is the first phase of Shenzhen Bay Waterfront Competition Winning Proposal in 2005, implementing a strong concept of coastal ecological restoration with 13 programmed park places for recreation and celebration. In the effort of accommodating diverse urban outdoor events in the 13 park nodes, program spaces including wedding garden, tidal garden and amphitheater were linked by the main recreational pedestrian promenade, have been actively used, and infused with dynamics since the opening.

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Walking in the park one evening, the author was feeling consoled to see how these designed spaces are enjoyed by people, filled with design expected activities and re appropriated uses. She couldn’t help but believe that RenChi should be the primary landscape design principle for public realm – other principles in Ecology and Art often end up serving the idea of attracting people in a dense urban setting as their constructed urban versions are capable to meet the psychological needs of making connection with nature and feeling uplifted and refreshed by Art. RenChi, is the core value required by the desire for well considered public open space when the globe is moving into Urban Age. Enjoy photographs of Shenzhen Bay Park during November’s Urban Music Festival.



Photographs Courtesy Shenzhen Sikang Photography and SWA Group

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