Dalian Coastal Parc Belt – Connecting City to Waterfront

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A Conceptual Landscape Master Plan Proposal was newly prepared for Dalian Coastal Scenic Road Upgrading Project – revitalizing this scenic area with fresh recreational places and attracting more Ren Chi. The study area involves a 30KM long scenic Binhai road located on the South Coast of Dalian, China. Once a famous tourism destination of Dalian, Binhai road has been the national trend setter for similar waterfront parkway developments cross the country. Known as the Paris in the East, Dalian has a distinct culture of beautiful parks and squares, international festival scene and has been a hot tourism destination for Northern China, Korea and Japan. However the city’s experiencing an economic decline in recent years and it shows especially in public realm – the public space and facilities are out of date and NOT well planned or infused with fresher program and spatial quality for the new generation.

Client was seeking an overarching framework with enhancing and forward looking identity of this scenic belt. Instead calling it Binhai Road, the Mayor put forward a strategic solution of linear park. SWA’s initial conceptual proposal has come up with planning principles below, and named the project Dalian Parc Belt:

  • Establish a compelling brand for the city that is rooted in a distinct “Coastal Tourist Zone” and provides a unique platform to attract people to Dalian.
  • Amplify the positive tour experience of the Binhai parc belt by forging increased connectivity between the coast, park, and city,
  • Stimulate the quality of further development along the coast by creating high quality urban pockets, preserving a public promenade corridor all the way along waterfront developments
  • Enhance site elements through the use of local materials, contextual resources and a linear landscape strategy with points of interests that would engage visitors.
  • Creating a year-around event calendar with rich activities /event

To see the initial report, click here:

PART 1:  Dalian Coastal Parc Belt_Intial_Part_1

PART 2: Dalian Coastal Parc Belt_Intial_Part_2

Branding Strategy for Parc Belt:

Tour book


Event calendar brochure

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