Beijing Hillside Community’s “Picture Window” Courtyard is Completed!

There has been a lot of academic debates on high-end gated communities in today’s mega cities in how segregated they’re from surrounding urban context. While studying the landscape for this Italian and French style villa project developed by China Resources Land Developer, Peiwen intended to try a fresher design vocabulary for the model unit courtyard landscape, different from the overall “Western Classical style” defined by its architecture. The design creates an appealing outdoor living space by introducing visual context and local materials.


This high-end residential project is located in Men Tou Gou District at the west of Beijing. The site is situated in a hillside setting on a series of steep slopes, which affords dramatic views and yet poses great design challenges. The East Neighborhood Model House landscape includes a courtyard around the housing units. The design is to create a poetic landscape space with local materials and a series of “picture windows” on its long side wall, that visually connect the courtyard space with the surrounding hillside landscape. Add value to the model units by introducing context to the living space, and creating rich terracing spaces that capitalize on the steep slope topography.



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BEijing hillside

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Photos by Tom Fox

Graphics: Peiwen Yu, Jason Pierce, Yan Yau

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